Why would you be refused a Australian visa?

Australia is a popular destination. Behind (or almost) is the bar (full of women not allowed), full of associations of the mother-in-law of England and lambs linked to muscles. Now, if you ask someone about Australia, they will probably say “cosmopolitan,” “outdoor life,” “beach,” “views,” “high barrier reef,” “modern.” However, if you want to go there and you are not a citizen of New Zealand, you will need a visa or travel permit.

There are different visas for their reasons to move to Australia.

For social or recreational reasons, including vacations, tourism, family and friends or other commercial or labour rights in the short term (less than three months), you can request an electronic tourism authority (visitor) or a tourist visa or sponsorship. Family visitor visa.

If you wish to participate in the Foreign Students Program in Australia, you must take a full-time registered course and will need a student visa to do so.


For business trips of less than three months, you will need a business visa (short term), which allows you to travel to Australia for conferences or business meetings. If you are organizing an event or business seminar, you may need another visa. For a long-term job in Australia, you must be sponsored by a company ready to hire you for up to four years. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and work throughout Australia, you can participate in a work vacation that allows you to get an easy job.

You will need a medical treatment visa to travel to Australia to receive medical advice or treatment.

If you want to spend a few years of your retirement in Australia, you can also get a retirement visa and a migration visa if you’re going to stop travelling. If you want to migrate to Australia permanently, you must participate in the migration program, which includes people with unique talents who contribute to the Australian economy and people who already have families in Australia and are ready to sponsor them. There is also a humanitarian program for refugees.

If you permanently reside in Australia but are not an Australian citizen, you will need a residence benefit visa that allows you to re-enter if you leave temporarily. Each permit has different conditions and may require additional documents along with the application. However, one thing that is common in all visas is that it must be specific about your proposed stay. If you apply for a visa for three weeks but decide that you want to extend it for two months, you may have a problem.

You can undergo a medical examination and a chest x-ray to complete your visa application. However, if you do not already have a severe medical condition, it can be challenging to wait up to 3 months.

The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website is the best place to start for detailed information.


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