What is the best time to go to Benidorm

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Before planning your next vacation in Europe, consider a vacation at the Benidorm Spa. This beautiful city is located on the Costa Blanca, just north of Alicante. It also has a large international airport and is just south of Altea. A short drive from Benidorm will take you to the attractions of Costa Blanca, Calpe, Java and Denia. Located near the great city of Alicante and offers many attractions and services. But Benidorm has a lot to do with the tourist. The high-rise buildings of the town have a series of holiday apartments that are a stone’s throw from the beach. These are a perfect holiday with the beautiful weather of the Costa Blanca.

In addition to the beautiful beach life, Benidorm Holidays offers visitors a fantastic nightlife. There are at least 30 discos or dance clubs and hundreds of restaurants. Take a sunny day, then eat a wonderful meal, then dance for hours, then continue the next day. What an enjoyable holiday!

But for those who want to see a new architecture while on vacation, Benidorm has a lot to offer. There are many cultural attractions in Benidorm. There are beautiful historic buildings along the old roads of San Lorenzo, San Vicente and Santa Fe in the ancient city of Casco Antigua.

Another great attraction of the Benidorm region is the golf course. The entire area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlicante around Benidorm has many golf courses. The most popular are Bonalba Golf Bulb, Mutsamel, Alicante Golf Club, San Juan Beach and Basque Golf and Country Club, Chihuahua. This is just a sample of the incredible golf activities, as there are dozens of golf clubs in the region.

Benidorm also offers theme parks for family vacations. The three largest are Terra Mitica, Mundomar and Aqualandia.

But despite all these attractions, Benidorm’s main attraction is the beach. The beach is beautiful, and the weather is warm, especially in summer. The nearby mountains are blocked by strong winds coming from the north, which gives Benidorm the perfect beach, summer or winter day. Benidorm’s main beaches are Pontinette Beach and Levante Beach. The majestic spa extends many kilometres of sandy beaches under the sun. Each beach has its personality, but if you prefer a slightly more pleasant atmosphere, Playa de Levente is more relaxed.

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