One Piece Chapter 1078 Summary

Little summary of the chapter by Redon
Chapter 1,078: “Escape time limit”.

Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 33: “Neo MADs is established”. In the cover, Judge and Ceasar appear holding hands while Germa soldiers celebrate the alliance and Reiju, Ichiji… sighing in the background.

Chapter starts with Stussy, she’s using her personal Den Den Mushi to talk directly to Sentoumaru. Stussy informs him that Kizaru is coming to Egghead Island. The plan is to have Marine forces coming as backup, since the World Government is taking extreme precautions due to…

The content of Vegapunk’s research is already beyond Ohara’s discoveries.

Egghead Island has a defense force unlike Ohara. So that’s why the World Government is moving their forces far beyond a normal Buster Call. We can see that people start evacuating all over Egghead Island.

Cut to Frany’s group. Franky is partly paralyzed due the petrifaction of half of his body, but he can still talk. Pythagoras asks S-Snake in tears who gave her the order. S-Snake doesn’t reply him, then she stomps on Pythagoras and cause a huge explosion.

Cut to Robin’s group. Robin analyzes that while everyone is busy fighting Seraphim, maybe something could happen to Stella. Atlas says there is one abandoned lab that was sealed off long time ago. Robin asks Atlas to lead her and Chopper there.

Cut to Sanji’s group. Nami is holding Edison in her arms. Brook (in ghost form) says he will go to look for Vegapunk. Sanji Vs. S-Shark continues. Sanji stands in front of S-Shark and lets S-Shark punchs him, but Sanji takes zero damage from S-Shark punch.

Sanji: “Do you know this?
This is called “power of love”!!”

Cut to Luffy’s group. Seraphim doesn’t let their flame go out so Luffy and the other still can’t manage them. Suddenly, S-Hawk disappears from the fight. Lucci says he must have changed his target to weaker ones, since attacking weaker members of the group will also affect the concentration of stronger members like Luffy.

Zoro and Kaku follow S-Hawk. Luffy and Lucci continue fighting S-Bear.
After that, narrator starts to speak while we see Bonney sitting and crying before Kuma’s memory.
Narrator: “These are all events that happen the day before the famous “Egghead Incident”. However, the causes of this incident started 3 months ago…”

A new flashback starts. 3 months ago, Mary Geoise received a message from Egghead Island. A mysterious person informed that Vegapunk was researching the “Void Century”. World Government sent some Cipher Pol agents to find out the truth. Cipher Pol agents didn’t find any evidence, but all of them vanished on their way back.

A little later, the mysterious person called Mary Geoise again. This time the mysterious person asked to talk the Gorousei directly. After the conversation, the Gorousei was convinced that Vegapunk betrayed them. So the Gorousei sent CPO to eliminate Vegapunk.

But as backup measure in case Vegapunk retaliates, one member of the Gorousei decided to head there himself along with Kizaru and Marine forces from all Marine bases. The force heading to Egghead Island now is already on same scale as a war.

As narrator speaks, we can see a montage with Saturn, Kizaru, Vice Admiral Doll and some other new Marines (similar to the montage of Marines arriving to Marineford before Impel Down in chapter 524).
Narrator: “The conclusion of “Egghead Incident” in the next day will shock the world in a way no one has imagined!!”

We discover who’s the traitor in the last double page of the chapter. The traitor is York, she appears in front of Stella. She has the same cute smiling expression we saw in other chapters, but a bit more creepy. York talks with Stella.

York: “Hey Stella, I’m gonna be a Tenryuubito!!”
Stella: “What!? Didn’t you see them when we went to Mary Geoise!?
Why would you want to be such despicable human beings!!?”
York: “That’s what Shaka would say… But he’s dead now!! Ahahaha!! All these Vegapunks are such nuisances…

The world only needs one Vegapunk!!!”
End of the chapter, no break next week.