Luxury Private Island Matangi Island Resort

A Fiji vacation package to an island in Fiji may seem like a dream, but the island you choose is significant. Matangi Island Resort is the perfect solution and is the ideal place for a honeymoon in Fiji. Matangi is like having your private island of Fiji and is a small unique complex that combines privacy, beautiful beaches, excellent staff rates, snorkelling, diving and superfood.

Matangi is a 240-acre island that belongs to the northern Fiji archipelago. It has 11 brushes facing the sea and three sets of treehouses; Everything is traditionally built, and everyone has great ideas. The pools on the beach are under palm trees and are well separated for privacy. The king-size beds are in a spacious sleeping area. There is a decent living room, excellent en suite facilities and a terrace. Of course, the amenities you would expect to find in a first-class luxury hotel, unlike a traditional Fiji town, you don’t have to wear shoes!

Getting a Fiji vacation package is easy. Authentic Fiji will never see the holidays in the Fiji Islands, where you will have the opportunity to see your Fiji style by dropping your watch, laptop and TV viewing program. You can do this in Mathangi, where the traditional Fiji Lali drum publishes the food, and you start your life very quickly, not by the clock, but by the drum.

The food is served in the dining room or terrace that is located on the water with more spectacular views of the neighbouring islands. All three meals and snacks are included in the daily rate. The food here is excellent. You can choose between a hot menu for breakfast and a buffet-style of fruits and grains.

You can choose between the main course and a sweet salad or soup for lunch and dinner. Add tea and cake this afternoon and a nightly appetite. All you have to pay is alcohol, because water, tea, coffee and breakfast juice are included in the daily rate. The menu changes every day, and the service is excellent. One of the best opportunities offered during your stay in Matangi is to move around the local islanders. You can do this at the resort.

There are weekly trips to a traditional Fiji village on the neighbouring island of Kama, and if you can visit the Fiji community of the Catholic Church of Tawni. Have a picnic and go to the waterfall for a honeymoon.

Indeed, Matangi is not just for vacations. Many guests come for the wedding, and many more for the perfect honeymoon vacation in Fiji, resort or package. This is a truly romantic place in a very passionate part of the world. It is the ideal place to relax after all the excitement of organizing and getting married!

Some final things to do. Remoteness has its minor drawbacks, one of which is the price of alcohol that must be imported. Since the flight has only fifteen seats, you must be ready for the trip from Nadi / Suwa to Sewanee. This is small, so if you don’t like flying, it will be worth the experience when you get home.

Mathangi does not accept credit cards, but again you have to worry about your beverage bill because you have paid the balance in advance. Also, there is no indication that Martina staff can contribute to the fund. In the end, the cream on the cake is snorkelling on the dirty rock. Go and enjoy your best resort in Fiji.


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