Is Mallorca worth visiting?

Mallorca, one of the always famous Balearic Islands, is the perfect place for a quiet or fun family holiday. Mallorca (3640 km) is known as Mecca for its easy access to friends, breathtaking landscapes, breathtaking mountains and affordable Mediterranean cuisine. With more than 550 beaches. During the high season, the island receives around 8 million tourists worldwide. This is a blessing and a curse for the inhabitants, who are well prepared for it and provide a well-organized tourist infrastructure.

Even so, Mallorca can show another face when you leave the coast and look inland. With every kilometre you take off from the beach, the price falls, and even in the centre of the island or even in some parts of the mountains, you reach the usual Spanish standard.

Where is it

Mallorca is the largest and most significant island in the Mediterranean Sea, beyond the east coast of the spa. It has a variety of terrains, which means that most tourists come to beaches and beaches, but they are more interested in the fertile plains and mountainous regions of the island.

Where can I stay

If you want to avoid the excessively developed tourist complexes that dominate parts of Mallorca, choose a boutique hotel. Although less or less close to the usual hotels, with discrete staff and service, the Mallorcan hotel is the perfect way to experience the island truly. For example, the Palacio de Sa Galiza is located in the heart of Palma and is the only swimming pool in the Gothic quarter. Without further details, you will immediately feel comfortable in its 12 rooms. Alternatively, take a day trip to Hotel Palma, a charming boutique shop located in a medieval wine town beyond the main tourist route. Comfort is the central theme, with goose feather pillows and breakfast until noon.

What can I see

Head to Palma to enjoy a truly universal view of Mallorca. With half the population of the island living here, it is not surprising that modern bars and classic shops are conveniently located near the old streets and the Gothic cathedral. It is worth taking some time to explore the city: get an impressive view of the waterfall, enter and leave small shops in the old Arab quarter, or enjoy the traditional pony and trap. Also, Mallorca is rewarded with stunning views of breathtaking villages, secluded bays and hiking trails.

As I go

There are many low-cost flights from Europe to Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca. From there, you will have many options when travelling through the country. There is an extensive network of buses that takes you from city to city, or you can rent a car so you can take full control of the details of your trip. Alternatively, you can rent a moped or leave your meal while riding a bicycle. It is never far from one city to another, so there is plenty of time to see if you choose to visit. Use the local ferry services to visit the other Balearic Islands and make the most of your vacation.

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