Dragon Has The Highest Authority Over All Pacifista

On Egghead we got the command hierarchy for the Pacifista. Apparently the Gorosei have the highest authority and Saturn is on his way.

Thing is: Vegapunk is smart – I can totally see him bullshitting the Gorosei when he had to demonstrate the hierarchy to them. I’d be baffled if the Gorosei are actually on top of the hierarchy order regarding the Seraphim.

Vegapunk is supposed to be a genius and as previously shown has some connection to Dragon/the RA + is possibly opposing the World government himself. If he actually made his potentially biggest enemy above himself in command over his greatest invention/weapon, then the “smartest man on the planet” is an idiot.

So what is the twist I’m talking about?

At the end of chapter 1058 Sabo called Dragon from Lulusia. But WHAT is Dragon doing when that happened? He ordered PX-0, Kuma himself, to tell him what happened at Mariejois – to which Kuma replies “I AM YOURS TO COMMAND, MASTER”.

I think that secretly Dragon has the highest authority over all Pacifista – even by Den Den Mushi, which is not possible for the Gorosei. When the time comes (at the end of this arc), Dragon starts the World War by ordering the Pacifista to kill Saturn and turn on the World Government.

In addition, Vegapunk once told Bonney that he did so for an unspeakable reason. So is that reason to help the Revolutionary Army have control over all Pacifista? That’s also the reason why Kuma asked Vegapunk to do it, he sacrificed himself for the great goal of the Revolutionary Army.

Yes, I know Dragon couldn’t stop Kuma when he left Kamabakka. We don’t know what was activated inside Kuma. I think now no one can control him. What do you think? Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Theory by Maha_Aut (https://www.reddit.com/user/Maha_Aut)